I Didn’t Even Finish My Christmas Cookie.

So Christmas is coming. This holiday comes with a lot of memories, good and bad. Mostly good. There’s one that stands out. My first real heartbreak. Now, only one or two people have managed to really break it. Others left a scar or two. But this one takes the cake.

Have you ever had a person in your life that you were so close to, like a best friend, that you just had this feeling they were absolutely perfect for you? You just get this feeling that this is the person you’re suppose to spend the rest of your life with. Everyone else thinks so. So do you. It must be fate.  The higher the fall, the bigger the break.

The only reason I bring this up is because it happened on Christmas. I didn’t even plan it. I didn’t even say anything to him. My friends decided to take matters into their own hands and tell the guy. Now call me over sensitive but if someone told you that a person, that is a close friend, likes you ON CHRISTMAS and you don’t feel the same, don’t you think it would be common courtesy to wait until the next day to rip their heart out of their chest and throw it on the ground instead of ruining their Christmas? Nah, forget being considerate. Smash it a few times with a sledgehammer. NBD.

The reason I’m reliving these horrible memories is so you don’t make the same mistake. Love Actually is my favorite movie. But telling someone you love them on Christmas is a horrible idea unless you have confirmed with several sources that they indeed feel the same way. There’s no 99.9% sure. Be 100% sure. As much as I love that movie, do you really think telling your best friend’s wife that you’re in love with her is a good idea? Worst friend ever. So guard your hearts and have yourself a merry little Christmas! 🎄


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