Girls Clothes vs. Guys Clothes.

This past weekend, a theory I had thought about in the past was proven. Guys clothes are always substantially more comfortable than girls. Take the basic zip hoodie for example. For girls, the fabric is thinner, the fit is tighter and usually cropped shorter. For guys, the fabric is thick, loose fit and nice and long. The standard North Face Denali for girls: fitted and short. The standard Denali for guys: long and loose. How about pajamas? Those big flannel pj pants for guys are amazing. They even have normal sized pockets! Girls will have (if at all) a coin sized pocket on the ass. What the actual what? And guys shirts? Damn. Long sleeves, baggy and soft. Girls? Tight, thin and low cut.

Maybe it comes down to my own personal preference but I’d rather be warm than look cute. If only fashion designers could make warmer versions of these cute clothes. Life would be awesome. But alas…

Spencer knows what I’m walking about πŸ˜‰



Valentine’s Day.

It’s almost that time of year again. Anna Howard Shaw’s birthday is in a week! Celebrating a women’s suffragette is what I look forward to all year!

Ok, jokes.

Valentine’s Day is next Friday. It’s not one of those holidays I get excited about (for obvious reasons). I haven’t since elementary school when you would decorate brown paper bags with hearts and glitter then pass out your themed valentines to each person. Your crush would get a special message (ex: Happy Valentines Day Cutie! xoxo) Those were the days. Now, it’s filled with couples treating it like the one day a year they have to prove to the world they’re a couple, by making a reservation at a fancy restaurant, buying dozens of roses and chocolate and any other clichΓ©. I’ve never really experienced that side of the holiday. But this year, I’ve decided to be more positive.

I may not have a guy in the picture to buy things to prove he loves me (I actually don’t want that at all) but doesn’t mean I can’t treat myself. So for Valentine’s Day this year, I got myself a couple Alex & Ani bracelets. No, I won’t have the delivered to my office in front of everyone or lie and say a “secret admirer” gave them to me. I’m getting to the point that I kind of love myself but not in an egotistical way; in more of a positive self image way. On V-Day, you get the person you love a gift traditionally. Well, I love myself and I deserve a splurge! So ladies or gents, if you don’t have a significant other this Friday that loves you, show some love to yourself and treat yo self!You deserve it! πŸ˜‰

Flappy Bird.

So if you’re under the age of 50 and own an iPhone, you’ve probably hear of the devilish game called Flappy Bird. This game was introduced to me on retreat. The teens were seeing who could get the farthest. Out of curiousity I downloaded it that night. I couldn’t fall asleep so I was streaming Netflix on my iPad. I decided to give it a shot. It took me 30 minutes to get past the first pipe thing. I got to 3 then called it a night. My current score is 17. Yes, I know that’s low but I have better things to do. I got so mad I threw my phone across the room. It’s time to take a break.

I was just scrolling through Buzzfeed and found a great therapy tool if Flappy’s got you down. Sweet, sweet revenge. Anyone else who has been personally victimized by this stupid game, head over the that website. Happy squishing! πŸ™‚