Valentine’s Day.

It’s almost that time of year again. Anna Howard Shaw’s birthday is in a week! Celebrating a women’s suffragette is what I look forward to all year!

Ok, jokes.

Valentine’s Day is next Friday. It’s not one of those holidays I get excited about (for obvious reasons). I haven’t since elementary school when you would decorate brown paper bags with hearts and glitter then pass out your themed valentines to each person. Your crush would get a special message (ex: Happy Valentines Day Cutie! xoxo) Those were the days. Now, it’s filled with couples treating it like the one day a year they have to prove to the world they’re a couple, by making a reservation at a fancy restaurant, buying dozens of roses and chocolate and any other cliché. I’ve never really experienced that side of the holiday. But this year, I’ve decided to be more positive.

I may not have a guy in the picture to buy things to prove he loves me (I actually don’t want that at all) but doesn’t mean I can’t treat myself. So for Valentine’s Day this year, I got myself a couple Alex & Ani bracelets. No, I won’t have the delivered to my office in front of everyone or lie and say a “secret admirer” gave them to me. I’m getting to the point that I kind of love myself but not in an egotistical way; in more of a positive self image way. On V-Day, you get the person you love a gift traditionally. Well, I love myself and I deserve a splurge! So ladies or gents, if you don’t have a significant other this Friday that loves you, show some love to yourself and treat yo self!You deserve it! 😉


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