Girls Clothes vs. Guys Clothes.

This past weekend, a theory I had thought about in the past was proven. Guys clothes are always substantially more comfortable than girls. Take the basic zip hoodie for example. For girls, the fabric is thinner, the fit is tighter and usually cropped shorter. For guys, the fabric is thick, loose fit and nice and long. The standard North Face Denali for girls: fitted and short. The standard Denali for guys: long and loose. How about pajamas? Those big flannel pj pants for guys are amazing. They even have normal sized pockets! Girls will have (if at all) a coin sized pocket on the ass. What the actual what? And guys shirts? Damn. Long sleeves, baggy and soft. Girls? Tight, thin and low cut.

Maybe it comes down to my own personal preference but I’d rather be warm than look cute. If only fashion designers could make warmer versions of these cute clothes. Life would be awesome. But alas…

Spencer knows what I’m walking about 😉



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