Pretty Little Cliffhangers.


I’m in a complicated relationship with Pretty Little Liars. Three years ago, my friend introduced me to this whirlwind of a show. I was instantly hooked. I binge-watched the first season on Netflix in three weeks. After Season 2, I was sure Mona was A. It was confirmed. Until some red coated person went to visit her in Radley. Umm…what? Since then, I’ve guessed it was every character on the show, even myself! This show is cray cray. If you haven’t watched it, I dare you to watch the first couple episodes and not go on a binge.

So last night, being the season finale, my hopes were high. That delusional thinking I’ve had before every finale previously was taking over. “They showed a black hooded figure reaching for their hood and Hanna had a gun on them. We’re totally finding out tonight!” Oh past self. So naive. I still don’t understand why Hanna didn’t shoot the bastard in the leg and end this thing! 

And here we are. I have a PLL hangover still thinking of all the possible theories. I’ve watched last night’s episode twice now and have come up with this. Wren is A and Cece and Melissa are his minions. Cece tried to kill Ali and Mrs. D. Her and Mrs. D shared a look as she passed. Now Mrs. D is covering for her because she is somehow related to the DiLaurentis family. Either she’s her other daughter that was disowned for some reason or another or Ali’s twin. Cece also killed Mrs. D to keep her from talking. My brain is spinning. Can’t write anymore.

What are your theories?




One thought on “Pretty Little Cliffhangers.

  1. I think Jason is A. Mrs.D was trying to protect someone by burying Ali. I think Melisa is working for A. Jason is the on obvious person to be A at this point. But who tried to kill Mrs.D at the end of the season finale. I’m so confused. Ezra is dead because he knows who A is so he can just live to tell the girls. There are too much questions and nor enough answers.

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