Waiting By The Backdoor

As a twenty something girl with many girl friends in my life, I get the occasional relationship questions. One of the teens on the youth group I work with is in a surprisingly familiar situation. She liked a guy. He was into someone else but wanted to still be close friends. She swears him off. She runs back to him. This was high school for me. Exact same situation. I swear this girl was me 9 years ago. (That’s weird to say.) It’s liking someone so much that even if you aren’t their first choice, you want to keep that option in play just in case you were meant to be with them. I’m laughing just thinking about my own life. You just stand at his back door hoping someday he’ll kick the other girl out and let you in. After a while it gets cold and rainy. You just become so jaded putting so many hopes and prayers and wishes into this one thing that probably won’t happen. You end up sick, freezing and just as alone as you were before. Ladies, stop waiting by the back door. You have so many better things you could be doing with your time! Have you met Netflix? Buzzfeed? Pinterest? Books? Well, they’re some of my best relationships yet. Far better than any idiot guy. You shouldn’t be freezing your ass off for a guy that won’t put you first. He should be knocking on your door before you leave the house. So get inside and watch some Netflix πŸ™‚