Happy Finals Week!

For all you college students, this one’s for you. #fuckitall


10 Reasons Why Danny Castellano Is The Perfect Guy For Me

If you haven’t seen The Mindy Project, you’re missing out on some quality television. There is a will they won’t they relationship between Mindy and Danny. After watching the entirety of the series, I’m convinced that Danny is my soulmate and here’s why:

1. He’s Catholic.

This is like #1 on my list of things I look for in a guy. He defends his faith when questioned and isn’t afraid to be who he is. *Swoon*

2. He’s a man. Like a MAN.

Danny is the kind of guy that when you hear a bump in the night, he’ll grab a bat and check it out. Not hide under the covers. He’ll grab you and kiss you like it’s a Nicholas Sparks movie. But he still has that bit of an edge to him, like that little bit of a jerk side.

3. If you need help, he’ll be there for you.

Whether it’s getting your headphones untangled from your scarf or helping you through a tough time, he’s there.

4. He’s a great dancer.

See below.

5. He stands up for what he loves.

He’s not afraid to throw down if you insult him, his friends or his passions.

6. He can cook.

Have you seen his legendary gingerbread houses? Damn Danny, damn. Not to mention that he’s Italian so you know he’s got taste.

7. He’s beautiful.

Again, see below.

ย ย 

8. He pays attention to you.

He’ll memorize your little quirks and loves them…most of the time.

9. He’ll respect you and the world around you.

He likes that you’re a woman, no matter what shape or size.

10. He’s romantic.

So, so, so romantic. *SWOON*

Top O’ The Morning To Ya.

ยกยกFeliz Cinco De Mayo!!


So in 9 short days, I’ll be getting on a plane for the first time and traveling to Ireland with my college. It’s a two week excursion and I get 3 credits. I’ll take it! I’m just excited to be somewhere else for a while. I’ve been stuck in the same town for so long, surrounded by the same places, the same people and the same hackneyed routine. It’ll be nice to not have to wake up early for class or have to rush to work after. I get to experience a whole new culture and people. It’s gonna be different but awesome! What’s freaking me out is the plane ride itself. 6 hours on a plane will be interesting. I won’t be able to sleep. I’ll be too freaked out about something possibly happening. I’m sure a glass of wine will calm my nerves.

With all these fears, I ask that you pray for me, for my safe arrival and departure as well as my well being in Ireland.