Top O’ The Morning To Ya.

¡¡Feliz Cinco De Mayo!!


So in 9 short days, I’ll be getting on a plane for the first time and traveling to Ireland with my college. It’s a two week excursion and I get 3 credits. I’ll take it! I’m just excited to be somewhere else for a while. I’ve been stuck in the same town for so long, surrounded by the same places, the same people and the same hackneyed routine. It’ll be nice to not have to wake up early for class or have to rush to work after. I get to experience a whole new culture and people. It’s gonna be different but awesome! What’s freaking me out is the plane ride itself. 6 hours on a plane will be interesting. I won’t be able to sleep. I’ll be too freaked out about something possibly happening. I’m sure a glass of wine will calm my nerves.

With all these fears, I ask that you pray for me, for my safe arrival and departure as well as my well being in Ireland.


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