An Open Letter To All Guys

Dear Gentleman,

I know you have girls in your life. Maybe they’re in your circle of friends, maybe they’re classmates, maybe they’re co workers or maybe they’re family. I’m not talking about the relatives right now but all other females you know. Chances are, at one point or another, one has had feelings for you. You might have been aware of this or you might not have but now you are. Coming from the other perspective of things, it’s really difficult to tell if the feelings are mutual. You have to help us out here. Girls overanalyze everything; at least the ones that I’ve encountered. A touch or a look can mean a lot and bring so much hope that this could be something real. If you have feelings for one of your girl friends, make it know so that there isn’t a doubt in the world. Don’t play mind games with us and flirt without an agenda. It fucks with our minds like you wouldn’t believe. It’s shit like that that keeps us guessing and doubting ourselves until we hit the damn wall. Don’t flirt if you don’t want something. Bottom line. If you like us, tell us. If you don’t and get the feeling that there’s feelings on our end, address it or thrust us so far into the brozone that we can’t possibly find a way out.


That girl you’re friends with that’s pretty much in love with you.


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