On The Hook.

practiceteacuppigAs I’ve referenced in past posts, I get most of my best facts of life from How I Met Your Mother. There is an episode called “Hooked” that is one of my faves. Not just because it has a teacup pig but because it focuses on one of the biggest problems in my life, being on someone’s hook, namely liking them but they always keep you guessing if they feel the same. Maybe it’s just me but sometimes I have a really hard time figuring out if a guy likes me or if he’s just a good friend. The lines are always really blurry. I witnessed a friend of mine experience the early stages of the hook. A guy we know (let’s call him Frank) asked her out even though she was just being a nice person and making casual conversation. She is just starting to date this guy and has no interest in “Frank”. My friend is a nice person and feels guilty about almost everything (blame it on being Catholic). She didn’t want to break his heart so she wanted to avoid telling him the harsh reality. Luckily, she has me for a friend and I helped compose the text. Never keep an admirer guessing. It’s not right. That person could waste days, months, even years on the idea of maybe. If you have even an inkling that this person has caught the feels, make it clear how you feel about them. Not necessarily in a rude way but in a blatantly obvious way that leaves no room for guessing. SHUT IT DOWN.

With all that said, my arms are tired from hanging on a certain hook for a long time now. It’s just become very clear to me that if someone likes you or wants you badly enough, they will come get you, or at least that’s how it should be. Sitting around waiting for signs that will never come is exhausting. I’ve become so jaded that the idea of a relationship isn’t even feasible right now. For all you peeps that have surgically detached yourself from the hook, here’s what I’ve been doing to help the wound heal.

1. Make a playlist

I pretty much do this for almost any occasion but this especially. I have a playlist called “Cleanse”. There’s no songs about love, wanting, yearning or any other bullshit like that. I have positive, upbeat, “I just wanna dance” songs as well as calming, I just wanna lay around my house on a Saturday afternoon” songs. It’s a nice balance.

2. Distance

If the pain of that hook through your heart is still pretty fresh, why rub salt in it by seeing that person? Maybe this person is a close friend or you work with them and you still want them in your life. You don’t have to cut them out completely. Only see them when necessary. It’s ok to say no to plans and sit home with your OTP Netflix.

3. Prayer

Saved the best for last. This is a big one for me. I’ve pretty much talked God’s ear off about this stuff and I’m sure he’s tired of hearing me whine but he’s my Father. Fathers are suppose to be there when their daughter has a broken heart. He’s my hiding place. He’s my comfort. He’s my ultimate healer.



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