My ‘Why Not Me?’ Philosophy Ends.

Have you ever had that moment during a priest’s homily that it feels like they’re talking directly to you? I mean, I know homilies are accessible but I had this moment this past Sunday. Before mass, I spent a few minutes in front of the Blessed Sacrament like I usually do to prepare myself for mass. Typically, I lay all my worries, concerns and struggles down so they won’t be a distraction during the Celebration. I listed four things I was really struggling with and asked God for help/guidance with them. Fast forward to the homily. Fr. Joe was speaking about the Gospel where the day laborers that were idle all day got more wages than the ones that had worked all day. The workers were outraged. They couldn’t understand why these lazy people received more money than them! He said how often we ask “Why not me?” or think that we’re more deserving of something than other people. Just because the laborers we’re idle, doesn’t mean they were lazy. They were ready and willing to work just as much as the workers that did their time. Just because it looks like someone effortlessly got what you wanted, doesn’t mean that’s true. You have to stop thinking that you’re entitled to everything. Things come when they’re suppose to. Too often have I looked at a person and thought, “They don’t deserve that (person/thing). I’ve done my work. I’ve put in my time. I should get that.” We begin to sound like little brats. We should be thankful for what has been put in front of us. This is something I constantly struggle with. And ironically enough, Fr. Joe listed the four things I offered up in prayer in a row, in the homily.

Well played God, well played.



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