Side of Fries.Β 

So I started this flirtationship with this guy. Now let me be clear, I had no actual interest in dating this guy. He was fun to pass time with. We also live in different states. (MA & NY) and I’m not about LDR. 

Let me say I’m a casual gamer. The most intense thing I play on the reg is League of Legends. He is also a gamer. We would play together, skype with friends and alone, watch movies etc. Nothing really serious. He started to get really flirty. I’ll leave out the details. I played along because why not? I’m single. No harm is being done to anyone. He knows we’re not gonna date. I made that clear. Fast forward to last week. I was scrolling through my newsfeed per usual. I notice he’s tagged in a picture with this girl. Ok. Whatever. The caption made me wonder. “Aww We Cute”. Hm. Ok. Since I’m a fan of FB stalking, I clicked on her profile for the hell of it. More photos of the two of them together. Interesting. I keep scrolling. And there is it. “Blank is in a relationship with This MF”. OH. Well maybe this isn’t a thing anymore. It says February 14th (vomit). This calls for some more investigation. 

Google is a wonderful thing. I found her Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr in seconds. Ok first stop is Twitter. This is what I find. 






Well then. On to Instagram.

As if the Facebook post and tweets didn’t confirm it enough, I knew for sure. I was the side chick. I felt a range of emotions. First, I felt like a horrible person. I aided in the act of cheating. Something I would never want done to me. Second, I felt angry. He never mentioned the fact that he had a girlfriend. This is a 5 month long relationship. Not a quick fling. The word “love” has been used. I can’t speak to how sincere it was considering he’s off telling another girl how much he wants her and all this other bullshit. And lastly, I felt dirty. I was just being used. To be fair, I was using him too. But my justification was that we both had no intention of dating each other. We really couldn’t. So we weren’t playing with our emotions blindly. 
I feel bad for this girl. She has no idea. She seems like a good person. She doesn’t deserve this. No one does. 

Wanna know something funny? He has no clue that I know…yet. If he reads this blogpost, the following message is for him:

Dear John,

You told me I’m beautiful. Sexy. Cute. Gorgeous. Funny.  How you wanted to hold me. Be with me. Why couldn’t I live closer? All the things you wanted to do with/to me. You taught me how to play LoL like a pro. You told me jokes. You told me stories. You told me what was in your sandwich (ie everything I hate). You told me lots of things. But the one thing you didn’t tell me was that you had a girlfriend. Probably the most important thing. Something that should’ve been mentioned somewhere in between all of this stuff. I don’t hate you. I just have no respect for you. I love playing games but I’m not of fan of people that cheat. Learn how to play by the rules next time. GG.